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NORMA Preview Downloads

Last Updated: Sep 7, 2015 for changeset 1563

This page contains downloads for NORMA built with the latest committed changeset. Although we try to make all of these builds stable, normal development issues associated with intermediate builds are possible.

Although the product name may remain the same as the last public release each successive release will install cleanly over the previous one. Readme and version information will generally be updated as we approach a new official public drop.

The file format for all new versions is backwards compatible with the last public drop unless otherwise noted.

The 1563 files are a release candidate for VS2015 support. There is no reason to pull this if you don't need it for VS2015.

VS 2005 Installation:NORMA_VS2005_2015-09CTP.Build1563.zip
VS 2008 Installation:NORMA_VS2008_2015-09CTP.Build1563.zip
VS 2010 Installation:NORMA_VS2010_2015-09CTP.Build1563.zip
VS 2012 Installation:NORMA_VS2012_2015-09CTP.Build1563.zip
VS 2013 Installation:NORMA_VS2013_2015-09CTP.Build1563.zip
VS 2015 Installation:NORMA_VS2015_2015-09CTP.Build1563.zip

Normal release. Same as last public drop.

VS 2005 Installation:NORMA_VS2005_2015-01CTP.Build1559.zip
VS 2008 Installation:NORMA_VS2008_2015-01CTP.Build1559.zip
VS 2010 Installation:NORMA_VS2010_2015-01CTP.Build1559.zip
VS 2012 Installation:NORMA_VS2012_2015-01CTP.Build1559.zip
VS 2013 Installation:NORMA_VS2013_2015-01CTP.Build1559.zip